Zoe Margolis

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‘The Naked Truth’
‘Sex Blogger Outed’
’60 seconds: Abby Lee interview’
‘The Grey Cardigan’
‘I don’t write to titillate. I censor like crazy to make my blog less erotic’
‘Erotic blogger admits: ‘I’m too busy for sex”
‘England Loves Its Sexbloggers’

‘The Sexblog Confessions’
‘Explicit blog gets even more explicit’
‘Britain’s most popular weblogs’

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‘Girl with a one track mind’
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‘So Many Different Londons’
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‘The Most Popular UK Blogs’
‘Blog Fans Prefer Personal Touch’
‘Media News’
‘Zoe Margolis: Heroine or slag?’
‘Anonymous Blogging’

‘Girl With A One-Track Mind’
‘Just popping out, got to see a woman about a blog’

‘Why Are Sex Bloggers So Secretive?’

‘Women rule the Blogosphere’
‘The most popular blogs in Great Britain’
‘The Bookseller’

‘Six digit advance and a hardback…just a blog away?’
‘Burning our Bridgets’
‘I’m not the only Girl With A One-Track Mind’
‘Women have felt empowered by my writing’
‘Diary of a woman focussed on sex’
‘In The Mood For Love’
‘UK author casts roving eye over US men’
‘Girl With A One Track Mind drops British men’
‘Abby casts lustful eye on US’

‘Sex author casts roving eye on US men’
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‘Abby Lee kills Bridget Jones’
‘You Who?’
‘Could The Real You Log On Please’
‘Girl with a one-track mind’
‘Bloggers retaliate against Abby Lee’s expose’
‘Bloggers Back Girl With A One Track Mind’
‘Bloggers bite back at “bullying” hack’
‘Bloggers bite back at “bullying” hack’
‘Meet the Blogstars’
‘Bloggers turn on Sunday Times’
‘The year in question’

‘Sex bloggers bare all on the internet’
‘Sex bloggers bare all on the internet’
‘Sex bloggers bare all on the internet’
‘Sex bloggers bare all on the internet’
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‘Sex bloggers bare all on the internet’
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‘Sex Blogs gaining popularity’
‘Let’s Talk About Sex (Or Not?)’
‘Abby Lee: what do women want?’
‘Abby Lee’
‘Story of a sexblogger’
‘Flicking the Bean’
‘Sex and the multiple girls’
‘I don’t write to titillate: Abby Lee’
‘Dear Diary: British Import’
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‘Prizes for British blogs’
‘The blog, the book, and the single life’

‘Abby Lee: Sexblogger’
‘Comedy of manners’
‘Porn lurking on teenage blogs’
‘Four-in-five blogs have offensive content’
‘Sex and the Server’
‘Sex Fiend Has Trouble Dating’
‘Publishers With One Track Minds’
‘A Day In The Life: Abby Lee’

‘From geek to Grisham’
‘Girl With A One-Track Mind’
‘Of course men are sexual objects to me’
‘Sex on the blogs’

Opinion: The LA Times
‘Abby Lee – Girl With (Not) Just A One Track Mind’

‘Sex Addict Blogger Is Back In The Limelight’