Zoe Margolis


Hi. I’m Zoe, a London-based author, journalist and talking head, working across books, print, television, radio and the web.

My books have been translated into 16 languages and my work has been published in The Guardian, The Observer, The Telegraph, New Statesman, Independent on Sunday, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Buzzfeed and others.

I write about topics I am passionate about: sex, gender, feminism, politics, technology, film, the media, pop-culture, travel and food. I’m also keen on cats (but no one’s hired me to write about them yet).

I have presented talks at The Lost Lectures, SXSW, Latitude and Standon Calling and debated on panels at events such as Mumsnet, the British Humanist Congress, 9 Worlds Geekfest, the Media Standards Trust, Cybher and Eroticon.

I have been a regular guest on Sky News’ technology slot, as well as on their newspaper reviews; done spots on BBC Breakfast and Channel 4 News, as well as being interviewed on the Alan Titchmarsh Show, the Sharon Osbourne Show and BBC’s Imagine; and I’ve been a guest on BBC’s The Review Show, Newsnight and Sunday Morning Live. I’ve also been a guest on BBC Radio 4 (Today, Woman’s Hour, Moral Maze, iPM), BBC Five Live, Talksport and Newstalk, as well as many regional stations.

I was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary The Sex Blog Girls, but I don’t let that go to my head.

I have featured in The New Yorker, Wired, NBC TV, Gawker, The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Das Magazin, Times of India, Gazeta Wyborcza, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Irish Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The London Evening Standard, Metro, and many others. Yes, they do ask the same questions, over and over, when they interview me.

I started my writing career as a blogger in 2004, writing anonymously about my sex life on my blog Girl With A One Track Mind. Prior to that I worked in the film industry, working my way up from a floor runner to an assistant director, on movies such as Harry Potter 5 and Batman Begins. I dabbled with acting work for a few years too, but hopefully there’s none of that on Youtube. (Yet.)

My work these days merges all my varied interests: I’ve a screenplay and book in development; I’m working on a TV series and an immersive theatre piece; and I’m writing regular pieces for the Guardian, Buzzfeed and New Statesman.

If you’ve something you want my opinion on, written or otherwise, hire me.

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