Zoe Margolis

About the blog

Six years ago, I began writing my blog, Girl With A One-Track Mind, which, with complete honesty, detailed the ins-and-outs of my sex life, and my thoughts and feelings about the subject matter. Needless to say it’s graphic, but then, that’s shagging for you: it’s a rather sticky thing, no matter how you approach it. I decided to write about sex in my blog because I felt that the feminist and female-centred perspective is missing from mainstream media. A sexist double-standard about male vs female sexuality still exists, and which chastises women if they express sexual wants and needs; I hoped my blog would provide a counter-balance to this old-fashioned attitude.

The blog became hugely popular: it has had over 7 million readers and now averages 150,000 unique visitors a month. It won the Bloggie Award for Best British/Irish Weblog in both 2006 and 2007 and was ranked 24th Most Powerful Blog in The World by The Observer Newspaper in March 2008.